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Slim2Slim Tablets

Slim2Slim Tablets

Reduces Fat Lovingly, Tenderly & Steadly

₹ 1299.00


  • Fat Burner: Helps body eliminate fat & reduce weight.
  • Controls appetite & reduce cravings.
  • Makes body slim & fit.
  • Makes feel fresh & energetic.
  • Relieves headache, arthritis, constipation, acidity etc.
  • Helps to reduce the weight gained after delivery.




Each coated tablet contains: Vilayati imli ext. 70mg, Guar seed ext. 30mg, Guggul ext. 30mg, Viavidanga 30mg, Trikatu ext. 30mg, Triphala ext. 30mg, Green tea 30mg, Loh bhasma 30mg



1 to 2 tablets thrice a day before meals with warm water or as directed by the Physician.

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