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Loh Compound Syrup

Loh Compound Syrup

A Unique Remedy for all types of weakness, Anaemia due to Iron, Calcium deficiency

₹ 1299.00


  • A general restorative tonic in all types of weakness, anaemia due to Iron, Calcium deficiency and lack 
    of appetite. 



Each 10 ml. contains aqueous extracts of: Hansa 500 mg. Jeera 300 mg, Saunf 300 mg. Soya 300 mg, Asgandh 200 mg. Khubkalan 200 mg. Anantmool 100 mg. Manjishtha 100 mg. Navsar 50 mg, Satva Nimboo 20 mg. Lohasav 2 ml



1-2 teaspoonful thrice daily after meals or as directed by the physician.

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