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Lacosin Syrup

Lacosin Syrup

A Unique Remedy for Gynecological Problems

₹ 1299.00


  • Normalizes Vaginal pH
  • Eradicates irritating & infectious causes
  • Allays that embarrassing 'itch’
  • Puts an end to unseemly "Spots & Strains”
  • Effective against uterine, Vaginal & Glandular morbid Oversecretions
  • Reassures her of her "Clean" Femininity 



Each 10 ml contains: Ashok ext. 50mg, Lodhar ext. 50mg, Ajowan ext. 20mg, Jatamansi ext. 20mg, Gokhru ext. 20mg, Aamrasthi ext. 20mg, Daruhaldi ext. 20mg, Dhaiphool ext. 20mg, Shatavar ext. 20mg, Amla ext. 20mg, Shankh Bhasma 20mg



5 to 10 ml. thrice a day or As directed by the Physician.

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