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Kabja Haran Tablets

Kabja Haran Tablets

Herbal Laxative

₹ 1299.00


  • Improves bowel clearance
  • Encourages soft stools without violent purgation or / and intestinal irritation
  • Helps overcome constipation/ obstipation gradually & surely
  • Takes away the root of piles & other anorectal diseases 



Each coated tablet contains: Senna ext. 70mg, Mulethi ext. 40mg, Ajowan ext. 40mg, Revand chini ext. 40mg, Saunf ext. 20mg, Sonth ext. 20mg, Nishoth ext. 20mg, Indrayan mool ext. 20mg, Jaipal shuddha ext. 10mg



1 to 2 Tablets at bed time with warm water/milk or as directed by the Physician.

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