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Calconil Tablets

Calconil Tablets

The potent Diuretic and alkalizer

₹ 1299.00


  • Disintegrates stone/calsuli in kidney &urinary had
  • Promotes brisk diuresis to wash away sand  and stones
  • Overcomes renal colics and relieves painful burning micturation
  • Relieves urinary tract infection very quirky
  • Prevents recurrence of renal calculi



Each coated tablet contains: Pashanbhed ext. 30 mg. Gokhru ext. 30 mg. Punarnava ext. 30 mg. Viavarna ext.30 mg. Kulthi ext. 30 mg. Swet parpati 30mg. Apamarg exi.30 mg. Lajwanti ext. 30 mg. Yastimadhu ext. 10 mg. Shilajit ext. 10mg. Trikatu ext. 10 mg. Hajrulyahud pishtee 10mg



Tablet: 1 to 2 tablets three times a day.

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